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So, I recently made a new account, but I'm in an unexpected situation, so for now, it's deactivated.
Perhaps I'll come back or not, we'll see ^_^ But for sure I'll be making art and writing, just at a more advanced level and place.
I'm happy for the friends I've made on this site! I no longer check my email much, and want my facebook to stay fairly private, so I'm sorry if we lose touch! <3
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    Mink was gone.
    Dead like the wind over the valley,
    Over the mountains.
    A song in Autumn never to be heard again.
    Mink was home,
    A puff of smoke from
    The last, lonely pipe,
    That sang until the others were avenged.
    Part of Nature, like the red leaves that smelled of
    Cinnamon and dense rain.

    “Aoba…” Noiz patted Aoba’s back, careful not to touch his delicate hair.
    Aoba shook with pain and fever, tears overflowing from his red-veined eyes.
    “I couldn’t save him. I know I couldn’t have saved Sei, but Mink...I c-c-could have...He could be here right n-now with all of us. I just...I could have stopped him!” His stomach twitched as he alternated between moaning and attempting to talk.
    “No, Aoba.” Koujaku and Ren said in unison, sitting on the floor with him.
    Virus spoke up from the other side of Aoba’s crowded bedroom, “There was nothing you could have done.”
    Trip chimed in soon after. “Mm. Nothing.”
    Finally, Mizuki walked in the room. “Aoba...No one knew. He didn’t tell anyone. Sure, he might have hinted at it, but nothing is your fault. It’s what he wanted.”
    “But I loved him.”
    “Stockholm Syndrome, eh?” Koujaku asked.
    “No!” Aoba stood, still quivering. “No...Those things...weren’t his true feelings. He did bad things to me to make me hate him, so in the end I could let him go without any emotions.”
    “So why can’t you?” Noiz asked, getting a tad frustrated. The lot of them had been going at this for hours.
    “Because I saw the real him. The real Mink was gentle, shy, peaceful, wild, strong...Beautiful. I loved him. And...I still couldn’t get to him. I failed. It’s not my fault, but I still f-feel...the guilt. You all...will never understand that. Of course, I-I l-love you all too but...Everything is empty without his presence. His v-voice, when he chose to use it. His...scent…That death.”
    The room finally fell silent.
    “Aoba…” Clear whispered, drawing near. “I can help, if you’d like.”
    “No!” Aoba flailed his hands at Clear, pushing him away. “I don’t NEED YOU!”
    Clear jumped back, shocked.
    He whimpered.

    Months passed. Since Clear felt unneeded, he stayed in the corner of Aoba’s room, staring at the wall opposite from him. Everyone tried to bring him back, but not even Virus and Trip could persuade him. After a while, the light faded from his childishly shining eyes and all of the work Tae and the others put in for him went to literal waste.
    Months passed. Noiz flew to and from Germany, but felt a weight in him grow bigger each time. After being hospitalized for slicing up his skin, he decided to stay at home, where he could lock himself up in his room and be alone, without problems, like his childhood. The real world wasn’t so great after all.
    Months passed. Mizuki and Koujaku both could not get Aoba to talk. Koujaku disappeared in the same fashion as Mink, but was supposedly spotted sporting a red haircut, following a blue-kimono-wearing man. Mizuki left Aoba a few personal mementos and moved away like most childhood friends do.
    Months passed. Trip and Virus lost interest. They left, taking the things they learned about true love and emotion with them, and using it on each other for an equal benefit. Perhaps, in a ironically twisted way, they received a good ending.
    Months passed. Despite being the only one left, Ren felt the worst out of all of them. The loneliness and uselessness in his heavy heart was too much to bear one day. Leaving his collar behind, he found his way to a place with a blue sky and splashing waves that reminded him of his dear lover...And walked into them until he could walk no more. Everything was blue.

    Aoba awoke with a jolt.
    “Hey...Don’t fall off the bed.” Mink commanded, carefully pulling Aoba into his strong, warm chest. His long ombre-red hair fell near Aoba’s body in a wavy mess.
    “Mink!?” Tears formed in Aoba’s eyes as they adjusted to the light.
    He was in a seemingly huge bed, with light pouring in through a large window. Outside, there seemed to be mountains and a fresh topaz sky.
     “What even…?” He whispered, sitting up from Mink’s embrace.
    Aoba looked around to find that they were all in the bed. Everyone, from left to right, being Mizuki, Virus, Trip, Noiz, Koujaku, himself, Mink, and Clear, with Ren laying horizontally at their feet.
    Everyone woke each other up, wriggling and blinking at the yellow daylight.
    Mink’s golden eyes squinted as he smiled and tousled Aoba’s feather-ridden tendrils.
    “You okay?”
    “What’s up?” Noiz asked, yawning and mindlessly tapping away at a laptop he had hooked to the headboard.
    “What’s with the commotion? If it’s still early, I swear I will beat everyone senseless!” Koujaku murmured against the crook of Noiz’s shoulder, raising his fist in the air.
    The others peeked over at Aoba in anticipation.
    “Ahh…” He sighed, giggling. “I just had a bad dream.”
    The group chuckled and hugged one another, nestling lazily back into their positions.
    Mink’s lips pressed heatedly near Aoba’s ear. “You sure you’re okay?” He kissed where his long hair parted and revealed his soft neck.
    “Yes,” Aoba whispered back with a smile…
    “It’s fine.~”
DRAMAtical Dreams
Creative title is not creative.

Ahh, I've been writing nothing but papers for college all week, so I took some time writing more.
But since this is far from being a scholarly journal, it's okay. Please excuse my mistakes, I wrote this for fun and in a hot second. (Maybe an hour. Thirty minutes? Idk.)

For those who like happy endings, there you go. Take it literally.
For those who like dark ones, take it as Aoba in a state so bad that he's locked himself in his mind and dreaming the second half. Muahaha.

I do not own DRAMAtical Murder

Now here I go to type everyone's names in the tags because wheee.
Do I label this as horror or romance or sci-fi or humor or drama or.....?????? (jk. I'll stahp now.)

Transcendental Victim by VioletAlexander
Transcendental Victim
For Halloween, as always, I wanted to do something fun.
I wanted to do something with at least a little bit of gore, since I'm inspired how Keiichous art is so beautiful and disturbing at the same time.
I've been inspired by Moiscen because their art is infinite and full of meaning, so there's that too.
Also, with the two of them I can do this: :iconmoiscen::iconkeiichou: How cute. I still can't get over that. Check out their art, it gives me strength. <3

Anyways, I decided to be a fairly traditional vampire and it's victim. (And maybe have deep thoughts late at night about how one person can be both a parasite and a victim and wow need sleep and maybe get a whole story going about how the vampire not only drank their victims' blood but chose people that were broken, bruised, hurt, etc. Not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Things.)
Also, Dracula. The book Dracula by Bram Stoker. I treasure that book and I'm not even done reading it. I suggest it to everyone. It's just asdfghjkl marvelous so far.
more rambling: I got the dress for $6 because it was a torn prom dress. Hell yes, painting and tea-staining that dress was one of the funnest things I've done in life.
You are my black cat.
While everyone rejects you,
I will love you so.

You are my black cat.
While masked in superstition,
You are my good luck.

You are my black cat.
I hope to keep you purring,
Through your many lives.

You are my black cat.
I keep you by my side like
you keep me to yours.

You are my black cat.
I will never reject you.
Your blackness is light.

You are my black cat.
I will forever love you.
You are my black cat.
Black Cat Haikus for the Strange Darlings
I wrote a lot of Halloween poems while being a hermit inside my dorm, but the WIFI IS SO BAD. Ugh. I might be uploading the majority of them after Halloween. But oh well. perhaps I'll just have a horror series rather than a specifically Halloween one. Anyways, that was one of many poem-things.
The Strange Darlings are my friends. My friends in real-life and online. I've recently been calling them (and possibly you) that, since I think that everyone I call a friend is strange (unique) and...darling. It's self-explanatory.
Also, I have a youtube channel that (due to wifi...*growls*) is unused. I plan on singing and reciting some of the things I do on here though, so I guess I'll keep you all updated. Or I'll at least try to. I've been so busy lately. ;o;

This is not really horror and not really for children but meant to be part of a kinda-creepy collection for children (and adults?). Also, the little stanzas are only technically haikus due to the syllables but nothing else. What the heck do I call this.
So...I went out shopping with an old friend.
At Rue 21, I bought red and black men's boxer-briefs, a cheetah print bow tie, and hipster shoes.
Needless to say, the cashier guy gave me the weirdest look ever.
It was great. I hope to have more priceless memories in the future. Memories of gender confusion and comical situations. Yes.

Also, I saw Dracula Untold with said friend. Needless to say again, I loved it. I lived for the action scenes. And the part where the camera follows the bats' point of view. Hell yes. My love of vampires and the night is being satisfied quite well this year. <3

I suppose this is quite boring. Ahh, I've been really busy and am doing this to just vent. Like usual. Now that I've vented my happiness from movies, friends, and shopping, I shall now vent my confusion and frustration.

I like many people. Like-like, as child-me would say. And a few of those people like me back. To some this wouldn't be a problem, but it's sort of stressing me out. Like...Each person is different in a very special way, and I can't decide between them. So instead of winding up with a partner or someone to date every once in a while, I am with no one, struggling over this stupid situation. If I pick one person, even to date casually, the rest would be mad or disappointed, and I may miss out on who I should really be with. But I can't know who to be with without trying. And I can't try because no matter what someone would get hurt. I'm in a limbo. Asdfghjkl I was never good at getting below the bar. Or hopping over. Haha, this is silly. There's also another person that's been plaguing my mind lately, but they are totally separate from this situation, which I'm quite glad for. *shakes head* STUFF.

Ooooookay! That's out. Good. Sorry you went through all of that with me. Unless you skipped all of that. If so, I don't mind, hehe.

Time to write Halloween poems and watch the leaves fall. God bless what little glance of Autumn I get each year. It keeps me going.
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VioletAlexander's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

So...I am 19. I'm nonconforming in gender and sexuality. I go by Violet. If you want to know more, don't be afraid to ask. I'm very friendly and don't judge others. :3

"I'm an open book. So much of one, in fact, that my pages constantly become weathered and torn. In the end, no matter how many pages of myself I display, they all become rather unreadable." -Me

Here are some friends I love. Go check them out, some are amazing artists! :3
:iconespada-kitsuki: :iconwitchgender: :iconblackxred29: :iconmoiscen: :iconceilonn: :iconstickiebun13: :iconmysteriousglowcloud: :iconnoodle2379: :iconcamtheyaoifan: :iconsweetlittlevampire: :iconiam20percentcooler:

So...More things about me...

I love tea. And coffee. And sweets. And things. Lots of things.

Some things:
Welcome to Night Vale, DRAMAtical Murder, Homestuck, Kuroshitsuji, Free!, SnK (Attack on Titan), Death Note, Hetalia, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Blue Exorcist, Ouran High School Host Club, Chobits, Dangan Ronpa, and Yaoi/Yuri in general because it's a great thing.~
...I also like Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, Phantom of the Opera, and everything to do with the Sherlock Holmes books or movies. I would've put them in the above list, but...they'd seem out of place. (Oh, and the new MLP is really cooler~)

I can play things. Like pianos, violins, accordions, saxophones, and video games.

I'm into art (of course), writing, fashion, makeup, design, acting, and the like. I may not seem like it all the time, but I have an obsession for style and costuming. (Yes, that includes cosplay). It's always been a little dream of mine to be a fashion designer or to do makeup for movies/theatre.
...Or to be a person to design and do makeup for Drag Kings/Queens but...I honestly don't think there is such a profession. Not in my small-town, anyways.

Enough of my petty ramblings! I'm going to go see what those ratchet lights are 100 feet above the Arby's...Because girl! I have. No. Time. *snaps fingers with fabulous sass*
"Good night, listeners. Good night......."~

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